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Practical Nurse

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Renee Magnuson

Renee Magnuson

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Application Closed Application opens on 05/01/24
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The Practical Nurse program prepares undergraduate students to be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN licensing exam and practice as entry-level Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). The program offers seamless, continued education from Practical Nursing to Registered Nurse (RN) through Weber State University at Davis Technical College

Program Summary


26 Credit Hours

Time to Complete

10 months

Training Locations

Main Campus

Adult Student Costs | $4,172*

*Estimated: Includes Tuition, Fees and Course Materials. Some elective courses may have additional fees and/or materials that are not calculated in this summary.

  • NOTE: Textbook and material costs are based on Davis Tech’s bookstore prices at the time of publication and are subject to change. There are no charges associated with personal data collection and processes or verification of student identity.

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Program Outcomes

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Program / Admission Details

Program Description

The purpose of the Practical Nurse (PN) program at Davis Technical College is to prepare the graduate to function at the first educational level of nursing, the Licensed Practical Nurse, in a multitude of healthcare settings. Graduates will also be prepared to directly move into the next educational level of nursing: the Associate Degree. Classroom theory is provided concurrently with a variety of clinical practice situations.

The Practical Nursing program at Davis Technical College located in Kaysville, Utah is accredited by:

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30326

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the Practical Nursing program is Continuing Accreditation.

View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at http://www.acenursing.com/accreditedprograms/programsearch.htm

Have questions? Contact the Pre-Admissions Advisor at 801-593-2341 or NursingAdvisor@davistech.edu to find out more about getting started in the Davis Tech's Practical Nurse program.

  • Licensure examination pass rate for all first-time test takers: 97%
  • Program completion rate: Pending
  • Progression Rate to ADN Program: 98%
  • Licensure examination pass rate for all first-time test takers: 100%
  • Program completion rate: 86% (10 months), 88.0% (15 months)
  • Progression Rate to ADN Program: 97%
Admission Requirements


This program is open to qualified adult students that meet the following program requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 3.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • Submit a completed Practical Nurse Program Application


Following program acceptance, student must meet the following post-admission requirements:

  • Hold a current Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) state certification on the first day of class.
  • Complete prerequisite courses before the first day of class. (The following are listed by WSU course numbers, although other regionally-accredited universities’ equivalent courses may be accepted. Additionally, all prerequisite and support courses must be passed with a C grade or better.):
    • Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology I (HTHS 1110)
      • or Human Anatomy (ZOOL 2100)
    • Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology II (HTHS 1111)
      • or Human Physiology (ZOOL 2200)
    • Introductory Psychology (PSY 1010)
      • or Human Development (CHF 1500)
  • The following courses will earn additional points if completed before applying to the program:
    • Science and Application of Human Nutrition (NUTR 1020)
    • Introductory Pathophysiology (HTHS 2230)
  • A criminal background check is required. Any misdemeanor or felony conviction on record may negatively impact chances of completing the program, being placed on an externship site, and obtaining employment in a health care setting. See Program Coordinator for more information.
  • Pass a drug screening check.

For additional information about our program, including program hours and application points, please visit our FAQ page.


Davis Technical College's Practical Nurse program values diversity in the students who wish to enter the profession of nursing. Students interested in entering the Practical Nurse program must be aware of functional requirements, environmental factors, and psycho-social demands and must be cleared by a medical provider in order to be considered as a candidate for entry into the nursing program.

  1. Functional requirements include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. Must be able to independently push, pull, and lift a medically-fragile adult when positioning or transferring
    2. Must have the ability to palpate body structures and be able to differentiate and report subtle variations in temperature, consistency, texture, and structure
    3. Must be able to hear, identify, and distinguish subtle variations in body sounds (i.e. lung, heart and bowel)
    4. Must be able to read, understand, and apply printed material, which may include instructions printed on medical devices, equipment, and supplies
    5. Must be able to visually distinguish subtle diagnostic variations in physical appearance of persons served. An example would be "pale color"
    6. Must be able to distinguish subtle olfactory changes in physical characteristics of persons served
    7. Must be able to walk and stand for extended periods of time
    8. Must possess the ability to simultaneously and rapidly coordinate mental and muscular coordination when performing nursing tasks
    9. Must be able to effectively communicate in English, in both written and verbal format
  2. Environmental factors include the following:
    1. Protracted or irregular hours of work, varying 2-12 hours including days and evenings
    2. Ability to work in confined and/or crowded spaces
    3. Ability to work independently as well as with coordinated teams
    4. Potential exposure to harmful substances and/or hazards
  3. Psycho-social demands include the following:
    1. Ability to maintain emotional stability during periods of high stress
    2. Ability to work in an emotionally-charged or stressful environment


CPR certification is required to practice in all healthcare facilities. Every student must be currently certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) for adults and children from the American Heart Association or American Red Cross before participating in clinical experiences. Two-year certification is acceptable and preferred. A copy of the certification card must be provided prior to beginning the program. BLS certification must not expire prior to the completion of the PN Program. It is the student's responsibility to obtain/maintain his/her CPR certification, and the student may not attend clinical if it expires during the semester.


Healthcare providers are required to have certain documentation to be able to practice in healthcare facilities (refer to the following list). Immunizations may be obtained at local immunization clinics or through private physicians. Your position in the Nursing program may be forfeited if this paperwork has not been completed.If a waiver for any vaccination is needed, proper documentation from a health department is required.

Documentation Required Includes:

  1. A yearly two-step PPD skin test or a QuantiFERON Gold blood test for a tuberculosis screening. Step 1-PPD placed and read. Step 2-PPD placed and read again 2-4 weeks after 1st step. If positive results, submit a clear chest x-ray (within 5 years).
  2. Two MMR vaccinations (measles, mumps, and rubella) or a positive titer for all three components. If rubella immunization was received prior to May, 1973, a titer should be drawn, as the immunization may need to be repeated.
  3. Three hepatitis B vaccinationsanda positive "reactive" titer must be submitted. If the titer is negative, the student must receive another series and an additional titer with positive results.
  4. TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) vaccination administered within the last 8 years is required.
  5. Two varicella (chicken pox) vaccinations or a positive titer.
  6. Seasonal flu vaccination is required for each student attending clinical during fall and spring semesters. Proof of current vaccination is required by October 15th in order to maintain your placement in clinical.
  7. COVID-19 vaccination (per the CDC guidelines). Documentation of a booster is recommended, but not required at this time.

Faculty will inform students if any other vaccinations become a requirement.

Placement Assessment Requirements

No testing required for this program

Credentials and Certifications
Davis Technical College Credentials
  • Davis Technical College Certificate of Program Completion
Available Licensing/Certifications
  • Licensed Practical Nurce (LPN)
Transfer Options

Following the completion of this Davis Tech program and after being admitted to the partner institution, your Davis Tech certificate of completion will be converted to as many as 30 credit hours toward an Associate of Applied Science at any Utah colleges and universities. Additional information can be found here.

Application Dates

  • Application Window
  • May 01 - Jun 12, 2024
  • – Application opens May 01, 2024
  • Application Window
  • Sep 04 - Oct 16, 2024
  • Application Window
  • Jan 08 - Feb 19, 2025

Program Faculty

Jodie Buttars

FT Jodie Buttars | Lead Instructor

  • Program Coordinator
  • MSN, RN
  • Master's degree from Weber State University
Annie Sullivan

FT Annie Sullivan

  • MSN, RN
  • Master's degree from Western Governors University
BJ Taylor

FT BJ Taylor

  • MSN, RN
  • Master's degree from Weber State University
Carolyn Whipple

FT Carolyn Whipple

  • MSN, RN
  • Master's degree from University of Nevada
Chantel Johnson

FT Chantel Johnson

  • MSN, RN
  • Master's degree from Western Governors University
Natasha Boren

FT Natasha Boren

  • M.Ed, RN
  • Master's degree from Utah State University
RayeAnn Spackman

FT RayeAnn Spackman

  • Master's degree from Western Governors University
Rebecca Quigley

FT Rebecca Quigley

  • MS, RN
  • Master's degree from Weber State University
Victoria Amalaraj

FT Victoria Amalaraj

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State Univeristy
Vikki Schaffner

FT Vikki Schaffner

  • MS, RN
  • Master's degree from University of Oklahoma
Madison Brown

PT Madison Brown

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University
Michael Conn

PT Michael Conn

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University
Sammy Pugsley

PT Sammy Pugsley

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University
Silvia Lopez Serrano

PT Silvia Lopez Serrano

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University
Sydnee Thorpe

PT Sydnee Thorpe

  • Master's degree from Weber State University