Career Placement Services assists Davis Technical College students in finding employment that aligns with the needs of the employers we serve. This assistance is available as resources allow.

Below are some resources that can help you obtain a job.

Davis Tech will be hosting a Career Fair on Tuesday, May 9. Information will be posted as it is finalized.



Cover Letters


Available Career Placement Services

To request assistance with your résumé, interviewing skills, and job placement assistance please contact our Career Placement Specialist.

Employer resources to hire our students

We utilize and online job board that gives the employer complete control, go to this link to create your free account  Once your account is created you are able to post to 16 similar colleges that use the same job board.  To ensure our students know about the job you posted, we send a personalized text message to them.  This has increased students applying for jobs by over 78%.

To set up a classroom visit to talk with our students, please reach out to the specific program instructors for the programs you would like to visit. Instructor contact information is at the bottom of each program page. A full list of programs can be found here.

If you are wanting to provide donations to assist our students, then reach out to

Student Follow-up

Your success in finding employment is an indication of the quality of our instruction. To evaluate the effectiveness of our programs, we ask that you notify us of your employment status. If you are already employed, become employed, or if your employment status changes, please notify your instructor. You may also report current military service, the pursuit of additional education, or let us know if there reasons that may prevent you from completing your program or finding employment. If you leave the college and we don’t receive a response from you, a Davis Tech employee will contact you to request your employment status.


Program quality is important to the College and the results of this survey are used to evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of Davis Tech training programs. Your response is appreciated and will be kept confidential. It should take a couple of minutes to complete this survey.


Please help us evaluate the training your employee received at Davis Technical College by taking a few moments to complete this survey. Your input is important to us and allows us to evaluate and improve our programs.