Disc Golf Course

Davis Technical College features a 13 hole Disc Golf Course that begin at the top of the hill, on the South side of campus. This is a Par 3, family-friendly beginner's course, but there are plenty of shots to challenge all levels of players.

Did you lose a disc here? You can always check with Student Services (school days only) to see if someone turned it in.

General Disc Golf Rules

  1. Each hole begins at the tee. Subsequent throws are made from the place where the disc comes to rest (the lie)
  2. The player who is farthest from the target throws first.
  3. The hole is completed when the disc is supported by the target's basket or chains
  4. A player must have a supporting point behind his lie and inline with the target when the disc is released.
  5. The run up and follow through are allowed unless the lie is within 30 feet of the target
  6. Any shot within 30 of the target requires that the player NOT move past his lie until the disc is at rest.

Course Rules

  1. Non-players, sporting events, spectators, and vehicles have the right-of-way
  2. Holes 3-7 are UNPLAYABLE while the fields are used for other sporting events
  3. All pavement, roadways, and walkways are out of bounds
  4. Course open during daylight hours only
  5. Altering or breaking shrubs or tree limbs is not allowed
  6. Do not climb any fence or trespass to retrieve discs
  7. Drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted

Disc Golf Course Map