Code Information

Code Team members are appointed to teams that are trained to handle specific emergency situations on the Davis Tech campus. If you are not an appointed member, please do not respond to code calls.

  • CODE RED: Fire Emergencies
  • CODE BLUE: Medical Emergencies
  • CODE GREEN: Environmental Hazard
  • CODE WHITE: Security Assistance
  • LOCKDOWN: Active Assailant/Shooter
  • LOCKOUT: External Threat

911 may be dialed directly from any Davis Tech phone without dialing 9 first for an outside line; a follow-up call to ext 7911 can provide support and assistance for the responding agency.


Please contact Kristin Culley at (801)-593-2430 or for more information.


  • Emergency Contacts
  • Emergency Number: 801-593-7911
  • Internal Extension: 7911

Emergency Guidelines Quicklist

Fire/Earthquake Emergency


  1. If you see a fire, pull the nearest fire alarm.
  2. Call ext 7911 if the location of the fire is known. The operator will then notify the fire department and the Code Team.
  3. Vacate the building immediately. Remember totake personal items. Do not return to the building until an "all clear" has been given by Security or the Fire Department and the alarm ceases


  1. Take cover under a desk or table, if possible. If not, get near an interior wall, drop, cover and hold on. Stay away from windows. Remember:
    • DROP
    • COVER
    • HOLD
  2. Wait for TWO MINUTES after tremors stop and then evacuate as per fire drill instructions.
  3. Dial ext 7911 to report injuries.

Medical Emergencies

  1. If an injury is minor, assist with basic first aid and complete accident/incident report. Students are not to be transported to a medical facility or home by employees.
  2. If an injury or illness appears serious, call 7911 (operator) and request a Code Blue. Be specific about your location and what you know about the incident. The Code Team will respond and after assessing the person’s condition will make the decision of whether additional assistance (such as calling 911) is necessary.
  3. If a serious medical emergency occurs after 4:30pm dial 911 immediately, then dial 7911.
  4. All medical situations must be followed up by completing an accident/incident report. These must be completed by the instructor (if the victim is a student) or supervisor (if the victim is an employee). Student reports are turned into Facility Services Office. If the victim is an employee, give reports to HR office. An injury to an employee also requires the completion of a Workers Compensation First Report of Injury

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

Environmental Emergencies

Blood Spills

  1. If you see blood that has been spilled onto the floor or other surfaces call ext 7911. The operator will contact the Code Team to clean up the blood and decontaminate the area. Do not attempt to clean up the blood yourself or allow a student to do so.
  2. If you are exposed to another person’s blood or other bodily fluids:
    1. For a skin exposure or blood that comes in contact with an open wound, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water
    2. For a blood splash to the eyes, nose or mouth rinsecopiouslywithtapwater.
    3. Report any blood exposures to your supervisor so the exposure control plan can be initiated per policy.

Other Hazardous Materials

Other hazardous materials or substances can be in the form of chemical spills, natural gas leaks or other materials.If you smell or see a substance that you feel may be hazardous:

  1. Stay away from the substance and direct others away from the immediate area. Do not touch or attempt to cleanup an unidentified substance.
  2. Call 7911 and the operator will notify the Code Team
  3. If evacuation is necessary, the fire alarm will be activated. Evacuate the facility per fire drill instructions

Lockdown Information

What is a LOCKDOWN?
A LOCKDOWN may be called if we experience a threat of active assailant/active shooter. This notification is reserved for an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury.
What do I do if I receive an LOCKDOWN notification?
Decide on an appropriate action for yourself, which may include:
  • RUN: if you can safely leave the area and exit the building then do so.
  • HIDE: lock entry doors to the classroom or office, turn off lights and stay clear of doors and windows. Remain calm and quiet, SILENCE YOUR CELL PHONE. Stay in the room until police arrive. Remember it may be a number of hours before you can be safely evacuated.
  • FIGHT: if you have no other choice and have determined that the only way to survive is to physically attack the perpetrator, do so aggressively. Remember, you are fighting for your life!
When Evacuating the building
  1. When evacuating the building, if possible to do so safely, take only necessary items, such as keys or cell phones. Take nothing that will slow you down or distract from the goal of getting out or that could be mistaken as a weapon.
  2. Follow all Police instructions and keep your hands visible at all times.
  3. When safe to do so, report to 911 any injuries at your location.
Who do I contact in an emergency?
For campus emergencies call:
  • Ext. 7911 from any Campus phone
  • 911 for Kaysville Police
Where can I get more information?
Contact Kristin Culley


  1. If you find a suspicious package, call 7911 (Daytime), if necessary, 911. The operator will contact the Code Team
    1. Do not use cell phones or two way radios near the package.
  2. If you receive a telephone bomb threat, keep the caller on the line as long as possible; try to record every word spoken; then, call 7911 (Daytime), if necessary, 911. The operator will contact the Code Team


  1. If you see a suspicious package, back-pack or substance,do the following:
    1. Remain calm, do not touch or open the suspected package.
    2. Call 7911 and indicate what it is you have found, giving location and description of the package. The operator will then notify the Code Team or emergency responders.
    3. Move away from the area and keep others away until Code Team/Emergency personnel arrive.
  2. Await further instructions from responders.


Faculty and Staff

Davis Tech Faculty and Staff should be included in the Emergency Notifications list, however it is up to you to ensure your contact information is correct in iSolved. To verify or update your contact information, please click here


Active Students are also automatically included in the contact list for Emergency Notifications list, based on the contact information provided at time of Enrollment/Registration.

Parents / External Personnel

If you are not Davis Tech personnel or a student, but would like to be added to the Emergency Notifications list, you may opt-in by clicking the link below. If you would like to opt-out, please use that button.

Incident Reporting

If you see, or are aware of something of concern on campus, please submit an Incident Report using the button below.

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