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Heidi Anderton

Heidi Anderton

Program Summary


12 Credit Hours

Time to Complete

6 months @ 18hrs/wk

Training Locations

Main Campus

Adult Student Costs | $2,421*

*Estimated: Includes Tuition, Fees and Course Materials. Some elective courses may have additional fees and/or materials that are not calculated in this summary.

High School Costs | $1,154

Tuition is free for high school students, however there are some fees and materials that they may be responsible for at the beginning or during the program

  • NOTE: Textbook and material costs are based on Davis Tech’s bookstore prices at the time of publication and are subject to change. There are no charges associated with personal data collection and processes or verification of student identity.

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Program Outcomes

  • Placement Rate
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Career Outlook

Program / Admission Details

Program Description
The Firefighter program is accredited by the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) and courses are designed to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) professional qualifications requirements for certification. This program provides training focused on developing individual competencies such as beginning and advanced firefighting and hazardous materials handling in a team-based learning environment. Students develop skills that are fundamental to firefighting in preparation for entering the fire service. Certification testing is administered upon completion.
Admission Requirements

This program is open to qualified high school and adult students.

Students must meet the following requirements:

  • High school students must be in second semester of their senior year and be 18 years old on or before March 1st
  • Adult students must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Complete the placement assessments as noted below
  • Be in good physical and psychological condition for employment requirements
    • Fitness requirement: 1.5 mile run in 16:49 minutes, 20 pushups in one minute, and 30 sit-ups in one minute (this is assessed before the acceptance into the Fire Academy).
    • NOTE: The physical strength and endurance demand associated with training and on-the-job use and operations of current firefighting equipment include lifting, carrying, pulling of objects, climbing, crawling, running, and hoisting. Physical agility requires upper body strength, aerobic conditioning, and flexibility. Students will be exposed to dark rooms, confined spaces, and extreme heat and cold

Students must submit the required documentation:

  • Davis Tech Safety Information Acknowledgement
  • Current CPR certification. CPR certification must meet the requirements set forth by the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness and must not expire before the end of the program. Acceptable CPR courses are:
    • American Heart Association Basic Life Support (preferred)
    • American Red Cross - Professional Rescuer
    • National Safety Council - CPR & AED
    • All courses must have an in-person skills evaluation completed by an instructor. Online courses will not be accepted. A list of accepted courses is found here.

If you have questions regarding the admission requirements, program, or application process, please contact the Health Professions Advisor at 801-593-2362.

Placement Assessment Requirements

Transcripts for prior academic learning or assessments (such as college or high school), may waive some or all of the admission requirements. Copies should be provided to the Assessment Center. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable in most cases.

The following tests are required for this program:

  • High School student applicants must submit transcripts for ALL PROGRAMS. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 and successful completion of Math 2 (B or higher) and English 2 (B or higher) is required to waive testing for high school students. Some programs have higher GPA requirements. Student’s must have the minimum required grade for two quarters or one semester in the same school year.
  • Placement testing is waived for students with a Davis Tech Certificate of Completion at an equivalent level or higher, or an associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited college
Credentials and Certifications
Davis Technical College Credentials
  • Davis Technical College Certificate of Program Completion
Available Licensing/Certifications
  • Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) Firefighter I
  • Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) Firefighter II
  • Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) Hazardous Materials - Awareness
  • Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) Hazardous Materials - Basic Operation
Transfer Options

Application Dates

  • Application Window
  • Jun 02 - Oct 23, 2023
  • Application period has closed

Program Faculty

Jared Sholly

FT Jared Sholly | Lead Instructor

  • Licensed Paramedic
  • Bachelor's degree from Utah Valley University
Cameron Cessna

PT Cameron Cessna

  • Licensed Paramedic
  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Chance Byers

PT Chance Byers

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Charlotte Coyle

PT Charlotte Coyle

  • Licensed Paramedic
  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Christopher Whetton

PT Christopher Whetton

  • High School
Colton Bascom

PT Colton Bascom

  • Licensed Paramedic
David Olson

PT David Olson

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Davin Rutland

PT Davin Rutland

  • Licensed Paramedic
  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Dirk Playle

PT Dirk Playle

  • High School
Haden Phillips

PT Haden Phillips

Josh Gardner

PT Josh Gardner

  • Licensed Paramedic
Kalub Lewis

PT Kalub Lewis

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Kimberly Youngberg

PT Kimberly Youngberg

Marcus Garcia

PT Marcus Garcia

  • Licensed AEMT
Richard Salvinski

PT Richard Salvinski

  • Licensed AEMT
Taylor Stoker

PT Taylor Stoker

  • Licensed AEMT
William Beveridge

PT William Beveridge

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College