Institutional Fees

Application/Enrollment Fee $45.00
Tuition $2.10/hour
Student Fees $0.35/hour
Graduation Fee $18.00
Transcript Fee $3.00

Estimated Costs

The cost to attend Davis Technical College varies by program. Below is an estimated cost to attend Davis Technical College based on a 900-hour program.

  Independent Students
(not living with parents)
Dependent Students
Tuition $1,890.00 $1,890.00
Registration/Assessment $45.00 $45.00
Fees $678.00 $678.00
Off-Campus Living $11,247.00 $5,624.00
Transportation $2,588.00 $2,588.00
Misc/Personal Expense $1,826.00 $1,826.00
Books/Supplies * $406.00 $406.00
Total $18,680.00 $18,680.00
* amounts reflect average costs

Amounts listed for Registration, Off-Campus Living, Transportation, Misc, are constant across all programs. The costs for tuition, fees and Books/Supplies associated for each program can be found on the Davis Tech Programs page.