NOTICE: 1098T forms are now available on the Student Portal

Through a partnership agreement with Davis Technical College (Davis Tech) and its partner institutions, you can apply your Davis Tech certificate/credential toward an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Following the completion of an approved 900+ hour Davis Tech certificate and being admitted to the partner institution, your Davis Tech certificate will be converted to as many as 30 credit hours. You will then complete institutional requirements in general education and a chosen emphasis area, and you will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree.

For a list of approved Davis Tech certificates and degree pathways, contact your Davis Tech advisor

Transfer to Davis Tech

High School Students

Academic agreements are used to identify comparable courses or pathways between educational institutions. This allows students to receive credit at a receiving institution without having to duplicate courses recently completed and to continue their education between schools.

Davis Tech has academic agreements with the following:

  • Davis School District
  • Morgan School District
  • NUAMES High School

NOTE:  Davis Tech will accept courses from all public high schools in the state of Utah.

In order to receive credit for course work included in these agreements:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a Davis Tech advisor
  2. Students must provide a transcript, report card or State Skill Certification to the Davis Tech instructor with a grade “B” or better in the designate course(s).
  3. Any additional requirements based on program of choice

Adult Students (Post Secondary)

In general, you will need to have your transcripts and academic records evaluated by a member of our faculty so that they can decide what the Davis Tech will be able to accept. In order to receive credit for prior course work at another Institution, the student complete the following:

  1. Students must provide documentation to the instructor that includes a high school report card and/or official college or university transcripts.
  2. Courses included in secondary and post-secondary articulation agreements will be shown on the program web page and will include standards for acceptance. Courses not included in secondary and post-secondary articulation agreements will be evaluated by Davis Tech instructors on an individual basis.
  3. Courses considered must have been completed in the previous three years unless otherwise stated.
  4. In keeping with Utah Code 53B-16-107 (Credit for military service and training) the three-year time limit will be waived for veterans presenting transcripts for training completed at properly accredited military colleges including the American Council on Education
  5. While still maintaining the academic integrity of their programs, faculty are encouraged to be generous in accepting military service and training for alternate documentation.

Transfer from Davis Tech

A certificate of completion from any of Davis Tech’s 900+ hour programs can be transferred to any of the following colleges and universities: