Welcome to Davis Technical College and thank you for selecting us for your technical education. Our technical training programs provide you an opportunity to learn new skills and become more competitive in the job market in a comparatively short period of time. Our competency-based learning environment encourages you by applying your related skills and knowledge to your training program.


Our website provides quick access to information to help you understand how our training programs work, what services and activities are available, what your rights and responsibilities are, and other useful information. This guide will assist you in quickly locating what you need to know.

General Information

You can find quite a bit of information about the College throughout our website. A few specific items of interest include:


Student Policies

We want your environment at Davis Technical College to be as conducive to learning as possible. To help us achieve this goal, we’ve set some guidelines to promote the well-being of everyone who works, studies, or visits here. A full list of policies can be found here.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • an environment that supports and promotes learning
  • notice of standards and expectations
  • a fair review if you're being disciplined
  • freedom from discrimination and harassment
  • privacy and confidentiality of your records
  • access to programs, facilities, and information

In return, we have some expectations for you. By attending Davis Technical College, you agree that you will:

  • follow standards for student conduct
  • understand that violating standards of student conduct can subject you to discipline

We hope that you take the learning environment of other students as seriously as we do. If not, you could be disciplined for breaking the rules. Here is a list of prohibited behaviors:

  • illegal actions
  • falsification of your identity
  • possession or use of controlled substances such as illegal drugs or alcohol
  • use of Davis Tech's facilities, resources, or equipment for personal gain
  • behavior that disrupts the college or its staff
  • behavior that disrupts other students' learning or instructors' ability to teach
  • causing injury or damage to people or property
  • disclosure of confidential inforamtion
  • violation of legal obligations or restrictions such as probation or protective orders
  • invasion of privacy by using recording devices without permission
  • sexual assault, harassment, and/or non-consensual sexual activity
  • putting the health or well-being of yourself or other students at risk
  • harassment or discrimination toward other students, staff, or Davis Tech based on gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or disability
  • harassment of others on social media, either on or off campus
  • academic misconduct such as cheating, plagiarism, or forgery
  • any behavior that violates college or program policies
  • misuse of campus technology including:
    • use for financial gain
    • use for advertising, political lobbying, or client building
    • use which disrupts use of the network by others
    • file sharing that violates copyright
    • use for illegal or offensive purposes, including pornographic/sexually explicit material
    • accessing unauthorized private/protected records or files
    • sharing passwords to Davis Tech systems
    • making or distributing offensive or harassing statements through social media
    • knowingly spreading computer viruses
  • smoking outside of designated smoking areas
  • parking in the Cosmetology Salon customer parking
  • bringing children into classrooms or labs

If you are in violation of the Behavioral Code of Conduct, you will be reported in writing to the Director of Student Services. Possible outcomes of violations include:

  • a meeting with the Director of Student Services or designee
  • a closed behavioral review panel
  • sanctions

If you are involved in a behavioral review panel, you have certain rights, including notification of hearings, a support person, presenting relevant documentation, a fair review, and appeal if you disagree with the outcome. For a full list of procedures and rights, click here.


Student Consumer Complaints

Students who have complaints against the college relating to fraud, false advertising, or other deceptive practices can file a complaint with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, 160 East 300 East, 2nd Floor, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, Telephone No. 801-530-6601, Toll Free in Utah at 1-800-721-SAFE or online at www.dcp.utah.gov/complaints/index.html. In addition, students involved with distance and correspondence education can file a complaint with their state’s enforcement authority.

Students who have complaints relating to issues that are covered by the Student Code of Conduct should follow the college’s process for filing a grievance.

Students who have complaints relating to the college’s quality of education or other issues appropriate for its accrediting body to consider, can file a complaint with the Council on Occupational Education.

Copies of documents describing the college/university’s accreditation and state approval are available for review upon request.