Automation and Robotics

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Amy Loveland

Amy Loveland

  • Instructional Management Assistant
  • 801-593-2494
This program is currently at capacity and can no longer take new students at this time.

Program Summary

When Can I Start

Bi-weekly start dates


30 Credit Hours

Time to Complete

15 months @ 15hrs/wk

Training Locations

Main Campus, Utah Department of Corrections Instructional Service Center

Adult Student Costs | $3,345*

*Estimated: Includes Tuition, Fees and Course Materials. Some elective courses may have additional fees and/or materials that are not calculated in this summary.

High School Costs | $512

Tuition is free for high school students, however there are some fees and materials that they may be responsible for at the beginning or during the program

  • NOTE: Textbook and material costs are based on Davis Tech’s bookstore prices at the time of publication and are subject to change. There are no charges associated with personal data collection and processes or verification of student identity.

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Program Outcomes

  • Placement Rate

Program / Admission Details

Program Description
Students enrolled in the Automation and Robotics program utilize industry-standard tools, manufacturing equipment, and procedures for entry-level technicians. Students design, build, test, and troubleshoot automated technology directly tied to industrial processes. The program offers students the opportunity to apply hands-on learning to prepare them to meet industry needs in their respective fields. Students of Automation and Robotics explore safety measures, industrial controls, mechanical, fluid power systems, robotics, refrigeration, electronics, instrumentation-process control, communications, programmable logic controllers, building automation, plumbing, solar panels, solar thermal water systems, and other forms of alternative energy.
Admission Requirements

This program is open to qualified high school and adult students who meet the following program requirements:

  • ADULT STUDENTS: Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Must be at least 16 years of age AND be in 11th or 12th grade
  • Students should complete at least 50% of the total program course requirements while enrolled at the college. Exceptions may be reviewed and approved by the Director of Student Services
  • Complete program placement assessments (next tab).
Admission Assessment Requirements

Transcripts for prior academic learning or assessments (such as college or high school), may waive some or all of the admission requirements. Copies should be emailed to Unofficial transcripts are acceptable in most cases. For applicants who do not have supporting documentation, please contact the Assessment Center to schedule an assessment.

The following tests are required for this program:

To be considered for a potential assessment waiver:

  • High school applicants will have their high school transcript reviewed; in addition, they may also submit their ACT/SAT scores
  • Adult applicants may submit unofficial high school transcripts, if courses were taken in the last three years; unofficial college transcripts from a regionally accredited institution; or ACT/SAT scores, if taken within the last 5 years
  • Applicants with a Davis Tech Certificate of Completion at an equivalent level or higher
  • Applicants with an associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution may submit a copy of their unofficial transcript of conferred degree

Documentation must be uploaded for an assessment waiver with program application or can be emailed to for review.

Credentials and Certifications
Davis Technical College Credentials
  • Davis Technical College Certificate of Program Completion
Available Licensing/Certifications
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 608 Refrigerant Handling Certification
Utah State Board of Education CTE Skill Certificate (High School Students Only)
  • Electronics 1
  • Electronics 2
Transfer Options

Following the completion of this Davis Tech program and after being admitted to the partner institution, your Davis Tech certificate of completion will be converted to as many as 30 credit hours toward an Associate of Applied Science at any Utah colleges and universities. Additional information can be found here.

Classroom Hours

  • 8am-11am
  • 12pm-3pm
  • 4:30pm-9pm
  • 8am-11am
  • 12pm-3pm
  • 4:30pm-9pm
  • 8am-11am
  • 12pm-3pm
  • 4:30pm-9pm
  • 8am-11am
  • 12pm-3pm
  • 4:30pm-9pm
  • 8am-11am
  • 12pm-3pm

Program Faculty

Stacy Hatch

FT Stacy Hatch | Lead Instructor

  • Associate degree from Weber State University
Dale Lake

FT Dale Lake

  • UDC | Automation and Robotics
  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University
Dale Rappelye

FT Dale Rappelye

  • Associate degree from College of the Sequolas
Ryan McDaniel

FT Ryan McDaniel

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Dan Budge

PT Dan Budge

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Dane Leifson

PT Dane Leifson

  • Master's degree from Weber State University
Darin Beardall

PT Darin Beardall

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University
David Caulford

PT David Caulford

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State Univeristy
Doug Young

PT Doug Young

  • Bachelor's degree from Western Governors University
Dylan Julander

PT Dylan Julander

  • High School
Gary Smith

PT Gary Smith

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Jacob Johnson

PT Jacob Johnson

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University
Jeremy Smith

PT Jeremy Smith

  • Certificate from Bridgerland Technical College
Kael Harris

PT Kael Harris

  • Master's degree from Weber State Univeristy
Luis Llamas

PT Luis Llamas

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Rachel Urban

PT Rachel Urban

  • Master's degree from Mississippi State University
Rebecca Fenton

PT Rebecca Fenton

  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University
Riley Maloney

PT Riley Maloney

  • Bachelor's degree from Utah State University
Robert Hawkes

PT Robert Hawkes

  • Bachelor's degree from Utah State Univeristy
Stewart Girres

PT Stewart Girres

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
Tara Robinson

PT Tara Robinson

  • Certificate from Davis Technical College