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The Davis Tech Print center offers printing along with other services such as scanning, binding, lamination, cutting, folding, notepads, business cards and carries a variety of paper stock available for purchase. Simply bring in your print-ready documents on a flash drive, or email with detailed instructions and contact information. Our goal is to serve our faculty, staff and students. However if there is a personal order you need printed, we are happy to help!

If you are have any questions, please don't hesitate to call (801)593-2450 or email us at

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Can I use the Computers in the Print Center to log onto my personal email/websites?

No, to ensure cyber security is maintained we do not allow anyone to use our computers but Print Center staff and will not log into personal accounts or download from websites. You must have the file itself either on a flash drive or emailed to us at

Can I send the link to the documents I want to print?
No, to ensure cyber security is maintained we do not click on links to websites or shared file drives like Google Drive. You must have the file itself either on a flash drive or emailed to us at There are computers available for student use in the library across from Student Services.
What is the best file format to bring/send my documents?
PDF's are the best file format for printing. This ensures that the format stays the same as how you designed it. If we do not have the same programs, versions for programs, fonts, MAC vs. PC etc, it will change the way your document looks. To ensure the intended product is produced, PDF's are the best option.
Are your copiers self-serve?
No, the copiers here in the Print Center will require a Print Center Clerk's assistance. There is a self-serve machine that takes money available for use in the Bookstore.
How do I pay for my copies?
To pay in the Print Center you must have exact change in cash or bills no higher than $5.00. If you have a card we can produce a receipt for you to take to the Bookstore or Student Services for payment.
Can I bring my own paper?
Outside paper is evaluated on a case by case basis. If we decide we can print on it, we will not replace or reimburse any paper that jams. Bringing in outside paper does not lower the copy/printing price.
What kind of information should I include in my email request?
  • How many copies?
  • Color or balck/white?
  • Paper type?
  • Single or double sided?
  • Staples or hole punching?
  • Any finishing? (Binding, folding, cutting, etc.)

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Print Center Lead Clerk - Erica Hay