Young Mother Becomes Machinist

01/23/2020 | Spotlight

Young Mother Becomes Machinist

One year ago, Roshanda Dodson started on a path that changed her life forever. After being a stay at home mom for three years, she made the move from Arizona to Utah to join Job Corps. In January she enrolled in the CNC Machining program at Davis Tech, although she had never worked with tools or machines before. After starting the program, she flew through the program in 10 months, surpassing her goal of completing it in 12 months. Once it was time to graduate and start working in her industry, Roshanda felt ready.

“My kids are the reason I came out here. Before I came here I was depending on someone else to take care of everything, and I just wanted to show that I can do it. I want to support myself and my kids,” she said.

Roshanda knew that she could not rely on anyone else to change her life, and she was ready to face these challenges on her own. Although she admitted she almost did not take the opportunity offered to her by Job Corps, she is thankful she did and is ready to move forward with the new skills acquired in the CNC Machining program.

Before she completed the program, Roshanda had several job interviews lined up. She selected a position as a cell specialist at Williams International in Ogden and loves the work she is doing.

“This program has given me opportunities and a chance to get out of the situation most of my family are stuck in. It’s given me a chance to move forward and look to mine and my children’s futures,” said Roshanda.

Looking toward that future, Roshanda hopes her children will be proud of her.

“You know how kids have career day at school? Just imagine me going in and saying I work in a machine shop, or that I make parts for those big trucks on the road, or the airplanes in the sky, I just think they’ll be proud.”

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