Working Toward the Greater Good

09/13/2019 | Spotlight

Working Toward the Greater Good

Ruth Evans has a basic 10-year plan. Finish the Pharmacy Technician Program at Davis Tech, get a degree in health law, become a pharmacist and create a program for those who cannot afford the medications they need. The same basic plan everyone has when they are 18, right?

To meet these goals, Ruth studies diligently. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Ruth will not take a test until every single detail of the complex medications are memorized. All of this dedication has a purpose and a reason.

“My eventual goal is to own an independent pharmacy and I want to be able to advocate politically for people who can’t afford their medications,” said Ruth.

Ruth’s dream of helping comes from her own experiences, and the hard times she and her family have faced.

“When I was growing up, sometimes money was a struggle,” said Ruth. “There were six kids all going through high school and junior high, and we have some health problems in the family. It was really hard, we sometimes didn’t even know if we would be able to afford some of our medications."

Ruth’s path to finding her dream was not always clear. Ruth has always had an affinity for science and math, but was not sure what direction to go in with her career. She considered being a veterinarian, even a psychologist, but could not settle on anything.

“As a kid I would play around with all these different ideas, but I never had a solid idea. There was never anything solid until I came across pharmacy my junior year in high school.”

Ruth began the program in high school, and is now entering the final portion of her training. While she was in high school classes were free, and after graduating she was awarded the UTech Scholarship. Ruth will finish her program with no student debt, and will be able to continue her education and reach her goals more easily.

“I think it would have been a lot harder to finish without the scholarship. I would probably have been set back for a few years. I’m the last of six kids, and I have to pay for school on my own,” said Ruth.

Ruth also plans to study health law so she can better advocate for those in need of medications they cannot afford.