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Veterans Day Spotlight - Eric Magnuson

11/11/2021 | Spotlight

Veterans Day Spotlight - Eric Magnuson

Eric Magnuson is a Veteran of the United States Airforce. Of his forty-three years on this Earth, twenty were spent serving his country as a military working dog handler. 

After honorably retiring from the Airforce, Eric was faced with a dilemma. He needed to decide what he wanted to do with the rest of his life when all he had known was his military career.

“When I got out, I knew I didn’t want to do what I had been doing for the last twenty years, I was ready for something new.”

Eric’s wife Renee has been the academic advisor for Davis Tech’s nursing program for over eight years, so he had spent quite a bit of time at the school. He met with student services to tour the programs and figure out his path but didn’t even need to finish the tour as he quickly realized his calling.

When he entered the composites shop for the first time, he saw a prosthetic foot on display. Eric knew without a doubt that he needed to be making prosthetic limbs for people who needed them. He enrolled in Davis Tech’s composites program immediately, and shortly after graduating, began work at Fillauer Composites. A year and a half into his career at the company, he was transferred to the machining department and was informed he was in training to be the new machinist, a significant role that he had not expected to be chosen for. Although Eric was able to figure out the basics of the position, he wanted to be an expert and be the best he could be at his job, so he went back to Davis Tech.

Eric has just completed the CNC Machining program and has now been at Fillauer for over two years. He frequently works with both The Wounded Warrior Project and The Paralympics, allowing him to fulfill his dream of genuinely helping people for his second career. He is once again serving his country in an essential way.

Eric is also an adjunct instructor at Davis Tech in the composites program and loves every minute of it.

“I took a break while doing machining so that I could get in as many hours as possible, but as soon as I graduated, I came back to pick up where I left off.”

Eric isn’t the only one in his family who loves Davis Tech, as his wife works here, his daughter completed the digital media program, and his son took the IT program and now works here as well.

Eric’s advice to you, whether you are considering joining the military or enrolling in courses to work towards your dream job, is to “Chase after it because you can do whatever you want to do.”