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Student Spotlight - Taylah Johnson

12/05/2022 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Taylah Johnson

Culinary Arts student Taylah Johnson found her passion for cooking from her time moving around as a military daughter. “my life was always changing. I got to experience so many different cultures and styles of cooking that inspired me. I saw how families always came together for dinner and how it’s a shared experience across the world, no matter what language you speak or what you believe,” said Taylah.

After graduating early from high school, Taylah is now on her way to receiving her certificate at Davis Tech!

Taylah aspires to take her love of food and cooking and become an influencer as a career. “Watching those cooking videos are very comforting when stressed,” said Taylah. “Being an influencer would also be a great opportunity to set a healthy work environment for me.”

What does hands-on learning mean to Taylah, and how will that set her up for a successful career?
“There are certain skills that are difficult to understand and achieve without physically getting a knife in your hand to work on it," said Taylah. "If I can expose myself to stressful situations in a controlled setting, I know I can handle it without hesitation in my career.”

Taylah believes that Davis Tech has given her a place to develop her skills and meet incredible individuals who are learning and growing in the same experiences she is having.