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Student Spotlight - Shantel Wade

02/09/2023 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Shantel Wade

Esthetician and Student of the Year runner-up Shantel Wade knew her mission would be to help others feel confident about who they are inside and out. Despite going through a difficult home life and other trials from a young age, Shantel contributes her strength as a strong independent woman to her experiences with no regrets.

At 16, Shantel found herself in a position where her siblings needed support, leading to her dropping out to work three jobs. After ten years of working in the hotel industry and a relationship that led to divorce, Shantel realized she was worth more and could do much more.

“I promised myself before I turned 30 that I would finally get my high school diploma and continue to pursue my education. I wanted to prove all those people wrong, but most importantly, I wanted to prove to myself that I indeed am good enough, smart enough, and capable of doing anything I set my mind to,” said Shantel. “it wasn’t easy, but I finally did it! I received my GED in October 2019, a month before my 30th birthday, at Davis County Adult Education.”

When asked why Shantel chose Davis Tech, it was a place where it was safe to spend time when her home was not. “Davis Tech was one of our hangout spots, so when I am there, it’s more than just a great technical college; it’s where I felt safe,” said Shantel.

Upon graduation, Shantel will begin her career at Grassroot Salon & Spa in Layton, where they are already excited about the skills and passion she will bring to their team! With a child on the way, her future goals will include opening her beauty practice in her home so she can spend time with her family.

“Going to Davis Tech has evolved into a symbol for me, and it’s a constant reminder to me that I can do anything I set my mind to. You are your obstacle. Rise above yourself.”

Shantel Wade is a fantastic example of our motto, “We Change Lives.”