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Student Spotlight - Neudys Hernández

03/02/2023 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Neudys Hernández

Esthetician and Student of the Year finalist Neudys Hernández originally from Venezuela, immigrated to Utah to provide a better life for her young son. Neudys had an extensive education background studying for seven years to graduate as a medical doctor and then continuing three more years for her postgraduate degree in Aesthetic Medicine and Obesity. “I owe all this achievement to my dear mother, who worked to pay for my studies. Thanks to my mother, I am what I am,” said Hernández.  

Although coming to America was the right choice for a happier life for their son, it did not come without its challenges. All the education from her time in Venezuela felt worthless. Neudys would have to start from the beginning. Despite the economic, language, and educational challenges, she believes her story is about patience and perseverance.

Learning for Neudys has been one of the best experiences. For four years, she studied as much as possible to become certified in the Medical Field in Utah. “I studied a year to certify as a medical assistant, additionally a phlebotomy technician course and a nutrition course,” said Hernández. “I also went to work in private clinics to learn everything related to the health area, at the same time studying for the steps and being able to obtain my license as a doctor in this country.”

Davis Tech has not only provided Neudys with an affordable way to receive a license as an Esthetician, but her husband, Alveni Belisario, has also dedicated his time to the Heating and Air Conditioning Program. Currently living in West Valley City, both travel 35 minutes to attend their classes. Together, they work on goals for a happier future. Davis Tech has given them the platform to obtain the necessary tools to be successful in their chosen fields. Another accomplishment Neudys has received while at Davis Tech is becoming a part of the National Technical Honor Society.

Education has changed Neudys life for the better. She wants to share this as an example that no matter what your barriers seem to be, you can overcome them. “There are many people with great talent, there are professionals from other countries, or they are from here with a great desire to grow professionally, but they do not do it for fear of the language or because of the costs of college or because it is difficult to combine studies and work and I think that Our story will impact the lives of many.”