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Student Spotlight: Kristina Korshunova

08/18/2021 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Kristina Korshunova

“If you want an opportunity, if you are ready to change your life, Davis Tech will do that for you.”

This week’s student spotlight is Kristina Korshunova!

Kristina moved to Utah from Siberia, Russia, in 2019 after winning a green card for herself and her husband. “Some people play the lottery for 20 years and still cannot win it; we won in the first attempt, which was incredibly lucky”.

Kristina didn’t speak much English when she arrived and jumped right in! She began working in customer service in an effort to learn about the language and culture but quickly found that this wasn’t enough for her to immerse herself truly.

Her response to this was to take on a considerable challenge: American college. Kristina enrolled in the Davis Tech IT program because she had heard about how difficult it was. She is the kind of person who runs towards a challenge rather than away from it. In her first course, IT Fundamentals, she had to translate every word from the textbook individually. Kristina spent many long nights studying, but two years later, she speaks nearly perfect English and is a valued work-study for our web development team.

She plans to continue her education and eventually become a senior web developer because of her love of code and the opportunity to be creative in a technology-based field.

She is very thankful for her mentor Greg, the web developer in the Davis Tech marketing team. “I don’t know how he could even handle me in the beginning; I didn’t understand anything, especially the code. Greg motivates me a lot; I don’t understand how he knows everything!”. According to Kristina, he was extremely helpful and kind, making the transition so much easier. Greg is also the one who showed her just how interesting and complex web design can be, jumpstarting her passion for her future career.

At this point, Kristina has visited a few different states here in the US, but Utah is her favorite by far. When asked if she plans on moving after she completes her education, she responded very passionately, “I’m staying, I fell in love, and I’m so happy here.”

Her favorite thing about Davis Tech is that “if you do the work, if you put in the hours, you will succeed. The instructors are always ready to help, and have so many connections that there is a spot for everybody”.

Kristina was hired on to a new job just this week, so let’s all wish her luck!