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Student Spotlight - Joy Citlalli Holbrook

01/11/2023 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Joy Citlalli Holbrook

Diesel/Heavy Duty Technology student Citlalli found the endless possibilities for a career exciting but also daunting. On top of maintaining a 3.9 GPA, Citlalli dedicated her extra time to gymnastics coaching and judging. Initially, the plan was to attend a military academy and compete in NCAA gymnastics.

During the last week of summer vacation, Citlalli stopped by Davis Tech to inquire about the Diesel/Heavy Duty Technology program. With many options in front of her, diesel mechanics being a top contender, she was impressed with what the program could offer. Surprised that she could start immediately, she put aside her stress and said yes on the spot.

When asked about some of her favorite parts of the Diesel/Heavy Duty program, Citlalli had this to say,

“The best part about the Diesel Program is the instructors and all the knowledge I gained about my field. Although I knew the basics of mechanics, I had minimal experience, and I was very grateful for the patience and thorough explanations my instructors gave.”

Citlalli reflected on the doubts that can arise when venturing into a new career. Entering a field that men can dominate could be intimidating at times. As she progressed in her education, she gained more confidence in her skills.

“I love the career I’ve chosen; the challenges and difficulties I face daily keep me on my toes,” said Citlalli. “I am constantly motivated and inspired to keep working hard. I am fascinated by the technology on the machines I work on.”

Diesel mechanics is a very physically demanding job requiring specific skills to figure out the root cause of a problem which drives Citlalli to keep learning. She enjoys challenging and proving to herself that she can achieve her goals. A fun plus is showing people she knows around an engine!

Davis Tech has given her the knowledge and confidence to move forward with her career. Currently, Citlalli works with Wheeler CAT and contributes her success in attaining the position because of her Davis Tech family!

Citlalli shared her wisdom and advice for students enrolled with Davis Tech: “Everything is a learning curve. Be patient with yourself. The more effort you put into your experience at DTC, the more you will learn. Take advantage of your instructors’ knowledge, and don’t be afraid to ask questions you might think to seem silly. Be honest with yourself and your instructors. Practice good safety and technical habits to reach your full potential.”