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Jacob Buschlen - Student Spotlight

11/24/2021 | Spotlight

Jacob Buschlen - Student Spotlight

Jacob Buschlen is a 32 year old veteran, loving husband, and father. He is also a CNC Machining student who went on quite the journey to get where he is today.

Jacob graduated high school in 2007, and then with an Associate of Science in business administration in 2009. He joined the Army in 2011, but had a very unfortunate accident while on duty which resulted in him being medically discharged in 2015. During the time of the accident, Jacob and his wife had just welcomed their first daughter into the world. They struggled to find work, and in 2016 Jacob’s wife made the decision to join the U.S. Airforce. She was immediately stationed in Germany, but there was a federal hiring freeze at the time so Jacob was unable to find work overseas.


He chose to use this time to further his education and attended the European division of the University of Maryland College. He was only 15 credits away from his Bachelor’s degree, but after his wife was transferred to Hill Air Force Base, he was unable to finish school before his credits would expire. Between this and having a second child, Jacob had a decision to make. He decided to enroll in Davis Tech after much consideration and became a CNC Machining student.


Jacob had always wanted to be a machinist- he wanted a job that would allow him to see the physical things that he would be fixing, and to be able to ensure that he was proud of what he was doing.


He was able to pursue his dreams at Davis Tech thanks to The Gene Haas Foundation. Jacob was awarded a scholarship that made it possible for him to attend classes while using his income to help support his family, (a family that has now grown to include a third baby!), which in the end made all the difference for him, his wife, and their children.


“I would like to send my thanks to the Gene Haas Foundation for providing the scholarship and awarding it to me. This scholarship will help me in procuring the required supply list for the CNC Machining program and allowing more of my income to go to me and my family in these crazy times. It’s great to know that there is support in the community for programs like Machining. Having this support speaks to the dedication the Gene Haas Foundation has for education and investing not only in people’s futures but the trade as a whole. It seems these days a growing majority of the younger generation want the corner office job, but we should also remember to support those who build that corner office and everything in it, and enjoy every second of building it. Thank you for the support” -Jacob Buschlen