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Student Spotlight - Isabella Montes

03/07/2023 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Isabella Montes

Business Administrative Services student and a top-five finalist for Student of the Year, Isabella Montes, found direction in life through her hardships. At the age of 17, Isabella gave birth to her son Fabien. As a senior in high school, instead of letting this overwhelm her, she buckled down and received enough credits for her diploma only four months into her senior year. Wanting to continue her education Isabella turned to the Nursing Assistant program to take steps toward becoming a Registered Nurse.

Life had other plans for Isabella. In her early 20s, she developed an addiction to opioids. This changed her life and rocked her goal of becoming a nurse. “Being opioid addicted changes your whole world, and it’s the hardest thing to see yourself become somebody you do not even recognize,” said Isabella. For years she felt that her mind was clouded and rewired to think she could only function on opioids. Following a near-death experience after an overdose which left her waking up in a hospital, Isabella knew she needed to make a change for herself and the future of her son.

“It was terrifying to know my addiction almost cost me my life and almost took me away from my son. I could not stand the person I saw when looking in the mirror. I knew it was time to fight against this disease,” said Isabella. “I knew the battle for sobriety was going to be the most difficult thing I would ever have to face, yet in my heart, I also knew I had the strength to get through it with the support of my family.”
Currently, Isabella is celebrating three years of being sober.

Being a single mother now looking to receive an education, Davis Tech offered the flexibility and affordable tuition needed to have time for her son and go to school. As many are on the first day of school, Isabella was nervous if she would be able to excel in her classwork. Her instructor Jim Cowley encouraged and reassured Isabella that she was capable to learn and grow through technical education. Davis Tech and the education provided gave her independence, self-reliance, and confidence. The excitement of learning and leaving the classroom with more knowledge now drives Isabella to reach for success. “It gives me excitement for the future, and I look forward to the possibilities that are opening up by gaining the skills to be successful and to excel in the business administrative workforce,” said Isabella.

Isabella believes that with hard work, determination, and believing in yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Thank you for sharing a story of adversities and how you can overcome them with the belief you deserve better.