Student Spotlight: Hannah Backus

08/26/2021 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Hannah Backus

“In my opinion, food is so personal that as long as it makes you happy and you think it tastes good, that’s all that matters.”

Hannah Backus grew up just outside of New Orleans, helping her mom make dinner for the family. She has many siblings, but she was always the one who spent her time in the kitchen. From this simple task of helping her mother, a love of food grew. After spending years cooking and baking, Hannah realized that it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. One day, she will be the owner of a Louisiana-style French bakery, and Davis Tech will help her get there.

As a culinary student here at Davis Tech, Hannah has learned a lot. She has improved quite a bit since enrolling, specifically with her knife skills, technical skills, and prep style. These are the kind of things that you really need to practice to be good at and are much easier to learn in a hands-on environment like the Davis Tech kitchen than from a book. “It’s important to me that the skills I’m learning would allow me to walk into any kitchen, and they would see me as a professional.”

Although Hannah is a professional baker at this point in her life, she values that the program is geared towards helping everyone, not just students with the same goals as her.

“Everyone is there for different reasons. Some people are there to learn to cook better for their own enjoyment, while others, like me, are there because they have a dream to work in food. There’s something for everyone, and the classes cover everything.”

Her favorite thing she has learned from her culinary classes is how to perfect her cream puffs. She had attempted to make them many times on her own, but they never came out quite right. After learning about them in class at Davis Tech, she has made them perfectly every time.

However, in Hannah’s opinion, the best thing about the school isn’t the coveted Davis Tech cream puff recipe.

Her favorite thing about Davis Tech is how understanding and flexible the instructors are. “I’m an adult; I have a busy life. I have experienced medical issues, scheduling issues, and problems with finances, all while enrolled at Davis Tech. It’s nice to know that my instructors understand that life happens, and every time I’ve needed help from them, they’re happy to do whatever they can”.

Hannah took the summer off of classes to focus on work, and one of the things she missed most while she was gone was her instructors. “Penny and Kristie are two of my favorite people in the world- I have grown a lot of confidence from their teaching and guidance. Yeah, they taught me how to cook, but they taught me so much more than that”.

Hannah returns to classes this Fall and is incredibly excited to be back in school, picking up where she left off and continuing to work towards her dream.