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Student Spotlight - Gabe Tibbets

02/22/2023 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Gabe Tibbets

Welding Technology student and top-five finalist Gabe Tibbets knew that attending a university was different than what would be best for his educational success. It was important for Gabe to learn a skill he felt no one could take away from him.

In fifth grade, Gabe was pulled out of school to help temporarily support his family through work. During this time, Gabe connected with his father by fixing an old vintage motorcycle. "We talked a lot about the future; Dad always had a positive outlook," said Gabe. "We talked about his favorite show "The Long Way Around," the story of a couple of guys who traveled the country on a motorcycle, and when things would get better for us, he and I would go on similar adventures through the back roads." However, Gabe shortly lost his father to a car accident.

One night at a family dinner six months later, interaction with an older gentleman working a cash register would change his perspective on life and education. At that moment, Gabe saw his future if he did not pursue an education. After some research, he was led to Davis Tech.

"We change lives I remember reading. Well, I certainly needed a life change," said Gabe Working hard to obtain his G.E.D. as a requirement to attend Davis Tech, Gabe attended Canyon Heights and received it in three months.

Upon reviewing the programs offered at Davis Tech, Gabe believed he would follow in his father's footsteps and be a Diesel Mechanic. However, as it would happen, the welding program stuck out, and Gabe took the opportunity to go for it. "I remember the first weld I did was near perfect… for me, it was a sign that I was in the right place," said Gabe. "I did find out later that the machine was already set perfectly for what I was doing, I struggled for several days after that, but it didn't matter because I knew I could figure it out."

Gabe dreams of taking the cross-country trip he could never take with his father and attributes the career opportunities he will have because of Davis Tech as a stepping stone to fulfilling this dream. "Because of Davis Tech, I will have a career that will help me live out my dreams of completing Dad's dream."

Congratulations to Gabe for working for a better future for himself and his family.