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Student Spotlight - Emiliya Hayes

06/14/2022 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Emiliya Hayes

We want to take this moment to recognize the families that have been impacted significantly by the Ukraine and Russian conflict. Davis Tech stands with Ukraine.


Emiliya Hayes, a native of Ukraine, sat down with us and shared her experience with having family in the affected areas and her journey with Davis Tech.

“Mentally, there are days when I am not here because my thoughts are back with my family,” said Emiliya.

Her sister, brother-in-law, and oldest nephew work in respective positions from law enforcement to the front lines. Emiliya’s father, 71, volunteered the first day at the block posts while her mother decided to stay as well.

During the first weeks of the conflict, Emiliya’s sister drove her youngest son to the Poland border where relatives took him in. “It took her two days which is normally a six-hour trip. She left the car with her son and ended up walking 20 miles,” said Emiliya. Currently, they are in the process of bringing her young nephew to Utah.

In 2006, Emiliya’s husband, Michael, a disabled Military Veteran helped her find ESL courses through our partnership with the Davis School District - Canyon Heights Adult Learning Center.

In 2017 after working 11 years for Home Depot, Emiliya decided to obtain an education. “My first thought was I am going to go back to Davis Tech because I had such a positive experience the first time,” said Emiliya. “The atmosphere was amazing here; it is all about the students. No matter where you go or what instructor, you will always get help.”

Before starting the Pharmacy Technician program, Emiliya enrolled in a Workplace Relations and Job Seeking Skills course where they were assigned to interview employees in their field of choice. “I went to Smiths and interviewed with a pharmacist there. The next day she called and offered me a job,” said Emiliya.

Well prepared Emiliya passed her test the first time, received her license, and began her career at the VA Hospital after some time at Smiths. According to Emiliya, “I chose to work at the VA because they had taken such good care of Michael that I wanted to give back my services.” 

Missing her time at Davis Tech, Emiliya is back to receive another certificate through our Esthetician program. In the future, Emiliya hopes to become an entrepreneur and open a beauty salon where she can utilize all the tools she learned at Davis Tech.

“Once you have an education, you can go anywhere, and there are no limits,” said Emiliya. “I have loved learning something new that will help myself and other people in the long run.”