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Devin Erickson Student Spotlight

10/12/2021 | Spotlight

Devin Erickson Student Spotlight

Devin Erickson is an IT student at Davis Tech, working towards his certification in cybersecurity. He is nine months into the program, and is more than halfway done with his 660 hours.

He first considered cybersecurity when he spent time with the cybersecurity team at Zion’s bank. He immediately found the profession to be incredibly interesting, and saw a need for skilled tech people in today’s world. 

Devin hopes to use his certification from Davis Tech to work for a large company.  “I think that I would prefer to go to a big corporation, so that I would get to work on a team, I like working with other people on projects”.

His favorite class so far has been one of his software development classes on making web pages and learning code. This class was a great base for his more complex knowledge of IT.

Devin first considered Davis Tech after he had friends complete the automotive program, and they highly recommended the school.

Before finding his current career path, Devin was a mechanic for Ford. 

“I’ve always been into cars. We had to do electrical diagnostics, which means we had to go into the computers of the cars and figure out what is going wrong” That steered him in the direction of working in tech.

When it comes to why Devin chose our school, he had a few different reasons.

“I like that Davis Tech is more certification based, what you learn here is useful” He doesn’t like that at a 4th year institution you have to do years worth of general courses, at Davis Tech you get straight to what you’re interested in. “and the tuition waiver isn’t bad either”.

Devin is also an employee for the school. This means that his tuition is covered by Davis Tech, which heavily influenced his choice in employment.

We wish Devin luck in his endeavors, and look forward to seeing him continue to work towards his career goals.