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Student Spotlight - Cat Osborne

09/02/2021 | Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Cat Osborne

“I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, so I’ve always pursued these creative outlets”

Cat Osborne started the Davis Tech cosmetology program in August of 2019, and has been hard at work to get her certification since. She has managed to excel in her studies despite working a full time job, and of course, the global pandemic that makes it difficult to complete a program that requires hundreds of hours of in person work on the salon floor. 

Cat is a full cosmetology student, meaning that she is focusing on skin, hair, and nails in her studies, though hair seems to be her favorite part of the program.

“I’ve been doing my own hair since I was a little kid. I’ve gone blonde, red, green, pink, half and half, and so many other colors”. 

She has known that she would be going to Davis Tech since she was a kid, as she grew up nearby and knew that the Davis Tech Cosmetology Program could get her where she wanted to go. 

Cat’s favorite thing about Davis Tech is the instructors, and how incredibly helpful and skilled they are. 

“I love a lot of the instructors, they’ve been really great to me”

At the end of the day, there are two things that drive Cat (and many other cosmetology students) to pursue a career of this sort.

“It’s getting to see the smile on peoples’ faces when I’m done, and the way that my job can also be my creative outlet”

Cat is in the final phase of her program, which means she only needs to complete the remainder of her hours on the salon floor and then she is ready to move on to a salon of her choosing.