Pharmacy Technician Program Meets Rigorous Accreditation Requirements

07/30/2019 | Press Release

Pharmacy Technician Program Meets Rigorous Accreditation Requirements

KAYSVILLE, Utah – Davis Technical College’s Pharmacy Technician Program received its accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Faculty and staff have worked toward the accreditation for the last five years, and put in thousands of hours to meet ASHP’s rigorous standards. The program has previously been accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, and continues to maintain the accreditation.

To meet the requirements of ASHP, students must complete 600 hours of didactic work, 250 hours of one-on-one simulation with an instructor and must also log two 90-hour rotations in two different pharmacy settings. Although the work is extensive to earn the accreditation, there are many positives to it.

“Earning this accreditation helps us stand out, and really helps us maintain quality. It gives us something to answer to and measure against,” said Gentry Phillips, pharmacy technician program instructor.

The state of Utah requires all pharmacy technician programs to be accredited by ASHP, with the aim of holding programs to a high standard. Because of these high standards, students earning their pharmacy technician license in Utah are able to gain employment in other states without facing many obstacles.

“The state of Utah is really strict with their requirements. They require an education program, as well as an externship and they must pass a national licensing exam. Students come out of our program both nationally certified and have a state license,” said Phillips.

The accreditation will backdate to the initial application date. Students who have completed the pharmacy technician program since June 2018 will receive a new certificate acknowledging the ASHP accreditation.