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Thank You Letter From Our System Presidents

10/21/2020 | Community/Industry

Thank You Letter From Our System Presidents

Utah public colleges send their thanks in the following letter, published by the Salt Lake Tribune:

To our Utah community,

Our colleges and universities have a close-knit connection with all those who share this great state. So often, the challenges we face are localized to our campus communities. But this pandemic has reinforced our awareness that our impact as students, faculty and staff reaches far beyond our campuses, into our homes, neighborhoods and broader society.

We share your concern about the spread of COVID-19 both on and off campus. We remain in close contact with state, local and federal health officials when making decisions as conditions continue to evolve. The health and wellness of each individual in our shared Utah community remains our highest priority, and we will continue to educate our campus communities on their responsibility to follow through with state and local guidelines.

We are immensely thankful for your support of our students and for inspiring them to do great things. But, more than that, we are thankful for your trust and patience as we work through these challenges together. We would not be able to fulfill our educational missions without your support.

To our students, faculty and staff,

During this pandemic, we’ve seen you come together in remarkable  ways. We commend the attitude and actions of the thousands and thousands of students, faculty and staff who have shown empathy for their fellow students and community members by adhering to state and campus COVID-19 guidelines and for sharing in the responsibility to prioritize the health and wellness of themselves and those around them.

We are grateful for your dedication, patience and positivity throughout it all. Your attitudes and actions are what have made, and will continue to make, the difference on our campuses to ensure that they are safe and that we may continue to provide high-quality education to all who seek it.

As we prepare for the months ahead, we will continue to need your support — both on and off campus. Our commitment will always be to put your needs and concerns at the center of our decisions. Other changes are likely to arise, but our unified efforts will strengthen us and see us through.

We’re here for you. Stay positive. Stay healthy! Thank you.

Darin Brush, president, Davis Technical College; K. Chad Campbell, president, Bridgerland Technical College; Noelle E. Cockett, president, Utah State University; Clay Christensen, president, Mountainland Technical College; Bradley J. Cook, president, Snow College; Paul E. Hacking, president, Tooele Technical College; Deneece G. Huftalin, president, Salt Lake Community College; Brad L. Mortensen, president, Weber State University; Kelle Stephens, president, Dixie Technical College; James R. Taggart, president, Ogden-Weber Technical College; Astrid S. Tuminez, president, Utah Valley University; Ruth V. Watkins, president, University of Utah; Aaron K. Weight, president, Uintah Basin Technical College; Richard B. Williams, president, Dixie State University; Brennan Wood, president, Southwest Technical College; Scott L. Wyatt, president, Southern Utah University