Davis Technical College Names Carmen Enríquez Student of the Year

03/30/2022 | Press Release

Davis Technical College Names Carmen Enríquez Student of the Year

KAYSVILLE, Utah: Davis Technical College (Davis Tech) is proud to announce Composite Materials Technology student Carmen Enríquez as the 2022 Davis Tech Student of the Year. Enríquez was announced in January 2022 and will serve this role through December 2022. 

Enríquez started her technical education in Arizona, where she received experience working on cars. Her passion for hands-on learning and a desire to make cars and tools better led her to pack up her jeep and join the Clearfield, Utah, Job Corps. She enrolled in the Welding Technology program, which partners with Davis Tech. Enríquez found her time in the welding program rewarding with personal and professional growth. After completing the coursework, Enríquez took a position cleaning Northrop Grumman facilities and found herself fascinated with the large projects they worked on and wanted to be on the other side. Enríquez chose Davis Tech’s Composite Material Technology program seeing the many possibilities it would offer her to build products from aerospace to cars.

“Davis Tech made it possible for me to come to school, have a job, and access the resources I needed to keep coming without breaks,” said Enríquez. “Students who feel like they can’t go to college, at Davis Tech, you can!”

Enríquez’s instructors believe that her passion for Composite Materials Technology will lead to a successful career.  

“What can I say about Carmen other than what a great student she is and that she has worked hard and excelled from the very first day in our course. Carmen does not waste time, is punctual, produces quality work, is a team player, and is always willing to help others.” said John Page.

Davis Tech awarded Enríquez a $1,000 prize and a $1,000 scholarship. In 2022 she will represent Davis Tech and be an ambassador for technical education through public speaking and outreach events and participate as the student representative on the College Board of Trustees. 

The two runners-ups are Web and Graphic Design student Sabrina Radcliff and Dental Assistant student Leslie Smuin. Each runner-up was awarded a $750 prize and a $750 scholarship. The two remaining finalists are Pharmacy Technician student Ava Bair and Medical Assisting student Jennifer Ricks. Davis Tech awarded each of the two finalists a $500 prize and a $500 scholarship.