COVID-19 Update

09/16/2020 | Foundation

COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 Response Team at Davis Technical College made changes that came into effect on September 14th. Instead of door monitors, each employee must sign a pledge to take place of the daily questions. Signage, indicating the continued requirement of mask wearing and symptom checks, has been placed at each entrance. Disposable masks are also available.

Leslie Mock, Vice President of Instruction, explained student requirements in an email to faculty and staff. “Students are still required to answer the COVID screening questions which allows for contract tracing when entering their classrooms. New students who enter the building will be instructed by our Student Services team about the required mask wearing and QR code system as they begin their classes.”

The pledge aligns with CDC guidelines and the Davis County Health Department. It contains social distancing guidelines, a travel precaution, and information about action to take when in close-contact with a COVID-19 positive individual.

“We feel our campus community has been trained to know the symptoms for which to self-monitor,” wrote Mock. “We are counting on each of you to keep vigilant regarding mask wearing for yourself and for students in your area.”

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