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The National Technical Honor Society is the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education.

Thousands of schools and colleges throughout the U.S. and its territories have a chapter of the honor society on their campus. These member schools agree that NTHS encourages higher scholastic achievement, cultivates a desire for personal excellence, and helps top students find success in today's highly competitive workplace.

More simply put, it is something you can put on your resume that says you are amazing! Additionally, it is a great way to network with other students in the school and to become an active member in the community.

Join us for the induction ceremony Wednesday, April 19. The event will be held in-person in the Great Room of the Allied Health Building at our Main Campus. Family and friends are welcome to join inductees for the ceremony. For those who can't attend in person, it will also be streamed live (details to follow).



Registration Deadline: TBD

Registration details to follow

Location: Great Room, Allied Health Building

For those who are unable to attend in person, the event will also be streamed live via Zoom. Details will be published as we get them.



Induction Ceremony Program
  • Welcome Remarks
    • TBD
  • Keynote Speakers
    • TBD
  • Fall2022 Inductees
    • Curt Cooper, Academic Development Faculty
  • Candle Lighting Ceremony
    • TBD
  • NTHS Pledge
    • Jennefer Dorrance, Academic Development Faculty
  • Closing Remarks
    • TBD


NTHS Pledge

As a member of the National Technical Honor Society, I pledge to maintain the highest standard of personal conduct. I will apply myself to continue a record of scholastic achievement, and I will strive for excellence in all aspects of my education. I will invest my talents, my skills and my knowledge in a career of my own choosing, and shall always endeavor to uphold my obligations as a citizen of my community and my country.


NTHS is Committed to

  • Providing the highest quality recognition for outstanding students in career and technical education.
  • Supplying excellent services to our diverse and multi-cultural membership and member schools.
  • Providing scholarship opportunities for its members.
  • Creating new and emerging relationships between the educational community and business and industry.
  • Being a flexible organization on the leading edge of technology and constantly responding to change.
  • Maintaining financial responsibility to meet our increasing needs.
  • Sustaining growth, innovation and continuous improvement based upon ongoing evaluation.

Student Membership Benefits

  • Membership is an important career and professional investment recognized by education, business and industry.
  • NTHS scholarships, a big advantage for NTHS members exclusively.
  • Members receive:
    • Membership certificate
    • Presentation folder
    • NTHS Pin
    • ID card
    • Graduation tassel - other regalia and items can be purchased here
    • Official NTHS seal to be applied to the member’s diploma or training certificate.
  • Personal letters of recommendation for employment, college admission and scholarships provided by NTHS National Headquarters.
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