Challenged by mathematics?

Would you prefer a small class, self-paced environment to build your math muscles? We have great opportunities for you to work directly with instructors and with math programs to increase your math abilities.

We offer Math 950, Math 990 and Math 1010. Each of the courses articulates with Weber State University. Students can enroll at any time in these courses. Completion time for each of the courses depends on your own pace and schedule. Scheduling for a minimum of six hours per week, students have approximately 2.5 months to complete Math 950 and approximately five months to finish Math 990 or 1010. You can finish faster or, if more time is needed, you can pay for the course again and just keep working to finish.

The math courses are offered in a blended format between on-line and in class learning. Tests must be taken on campus but some coursework can be completed via computer.

Email or call her at 801-593-2486, to learn more about your options and the team of instructors who work with the math students.

Available Math Classes

Course Number/Name Hours Cost
FUND 0086: Math Skills 30 $36.00
MATH 0950: Math II / Level I 60 $189.60
MATH 0990: Math II / Level II 120 $379.20
MATH 1010: Math III 120 $379.20

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  • 8-11am, 12-3pm M-F
  • 6-9pm M-Th