BLDG 0005 Construction Technology Orientation0 Hours
The Construction Technology program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to residential and commercial building construction and remodeling. Includes instruction in construction equipment and safety; site preparation and layout; blueprint reading; building codes; framing; masonry; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; electrical and mechanical systems; interior and exterior finishing; and plumbing.
BLDG 1020 Introduction to Construction60 Hours
Students in this course practice basic job site safety, construction math, proper material handling techniques, and the safe and proper use of both hand and power tools. During this course, you will explore various careers, trades, materials, and methods used in construction. You will also be introduced to construction management concepts including estimating, construction drawings, contracts, and scheduling. You will be introduced to the building process from design to completion, and begin developing communication and employability skills needed in the workplace and on the job site. At the end of this course, students will be prepared to take the OSHA 10 certification exam.
BLDG 1100 Construction Concepts I90 Hours
Students in this course will learn to read and interpret architectural construction documents as a foundation to blueprint reading and creation. Students will interpret construction drawings of various architecture and engineering scales to determine real-world measurements. They will learn the organizational structure of architecture drawings. Students will also be able to determine construction methods from architecture drawings. Students will also be able to determine construction methods from architectural working drawings of building plans, sections, elevations, assemblies, and details.
BLDG 2200 Heavy Equipment Operator Level 1120 Hours
Heavy Equipment Operator Level 1 provides an introduction to the heavy equipment industry and basic heavy equipment operation. While in this course, you will receive an orientation to the trade, perform heavy equipment safety, identify heavy equipment, execute basic operational techniques, and complete an introduction to earthmoving. You will also receive hands-on experience with equipment.
WKSK 1400 Workplace Success60 Hours
Workplace Success is designed to help students develop essential work habits and attitudes as well as human-relation skills needed to maintain gainful and satisfying employment. Topics include common challenges faced in the workplace, such as presenting yourself professionally, developing a professional work ethic, developing interpersonal skills, navigating office politics successfully, and planning and managing your career.
FUND 0030 Program Directed Study30 Hours
Students in this course will receive assistance with essential reading, math, or computer skills to supplement their program study.
FUND 0091 Study Skills30 Hours
Students will learn to use effective study habits and strategies for remembering information found in their textbooks and heard in-class lectures. Students will also learn to use a strategy for reading and taking notes from textbooks, taking notes in class, and learn effective strategies for taking the five types of tests most frequently given by teachers.