MANT 0000 Manufacturing Technology Orientation0 Hours
The Manufacturing Technology program prepares students for high-tech manufacturing careers. In addition to learning how to produce industrial products, students will get hands-on experience in automation, robotics, composite materials technology, plastic injection molding, and welding. Graduates will have foundational skills required for entry-level employment or may continue their education to specialize in any of the instructional areas.
MANT 1010 Introduction to Manufacturing90 Hours
Introduction to Manufacturing explores common manufacturing processes and how they work together; including automation, machining, composites, and welding. During this course, you will become familiar with measuring tools, hand tools, power tools, and blueprints that are currently used in the various industries through hands-on labs. You will be required to demonstrate personal and machine safety as you complete a variety of activities.
MACH 1051 Blueprint Reading30 Hours
Blueprint reading introduces students to basic blueprint reading skills. Standard industrial practices will be applied on one or more industrial drawings. Principles and applications of the following will be used: lettering, orthographic, oblique, isometric, dimensioning, sectioning, and auxiliary views.
MANT 1110 Composites for Manufacturing30 Hours
Composite Basics introduces the basic materials, tools, vocabulary, and safety practices used in the composites industry. Throughout this course, you will examine various composite materials, chemicals, tools, and the procedures and processes of fabrication. You will also practice proper shop etiquette and cleaning.
IAMT 1201 Automation Maintenance Basics60 Hours
Maintenance Basics introduces the basic concepts and terminology used in Automation and Robotics. Throughout this course, you will study basic electrical, Electrical Motor Controls, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), HVAC, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Robotics and Troubleshooting skills.
MANT 1301 Welding for Manufacturing60 Hours
Welding for Manufacturing includes the basic knowledge of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). During this course, you will study welding safety; protection, accident prevention, and troubleshooting. You will practice set-up, operation of equipment, positions, executions, and the workmanship needed for a basic weld.
INJM 1000 Basic Injection Molding Machine Operations60 Hours
Basic Injection Molding Machine Operations explores how to operate an injection molding machine in a production environment including defect identification, and concepts of quality manufacturing. During this course, you will examine general safety, as well as safety that is specific in an injection molding environment. You will also de-gate and count parts, as well as document running conditions and production numbers while operating a molding cell.
MANT 1602 Machining for Manufacturing60 Hours
CNC Machining for Manufacturing will cover the basic procedures to run a CNC mill and Lathes encountered in the machine shop. During this course, you will study topics including instruction in Machine Startup, loading programs, setting tool offsets, work offsets and basic G code programming. We will also cover basic Programming using a CAM program topics will include basic part creation and programming.
FUND 0030 Program Directed Study30 Hours
Students in this course will receive assistance with essential reading, math, or computer skills to supplement their program study.
FUND 0091 Study Skills30 Hours
Students will learn to use effective study habits and strategies for remembering information found in their textbooks and heard in-class lectures. Students will also learn to use a strategy for reading and taking notes from textbooks, taking notes in class, and learn effective strategies for taking the five types of tests most frequently given by teachers.