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HOHA 0000 Home Health Aide Orientation0 Hours
HOHA 1110 Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide135 Hours
Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide introduces a holistic approach of safely caring for patients in a variety of healthcare settings. During this course, you will study how healthcare systems operate and your role as part of a healthcare team. You will explore your legal and ethical responsibilities as a nurse assistant; as well as workplace safety, effective communication, basic nursing skills, and basic body structure, function, and diseases. You will use the concepts presented in this course to help you develop the skills necessary to complete the Nurse Assistant and Home Health Skill Lab course.
HOHA 1510 Nurse Assistant and Home Health Skill Lab135 Hours
The Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide Skill Lab examines the holistic approach to safely caring for patients in a variety of settings While in this course, you will demonstrate and practice the skills necessary to provide patient care in a variety of healthcare settings including ling-term care, home care, and hospice. You will also practice how to work on a healthcare team to meet the patient needs. After completing this course and passing a state certification examination, you will play an essential role on a healthcare team by observing, reporting, and performing skills studied within this course.
HOHA 1900 Nurse Assistant Certification Evaluation30 Hours
The Nurse Assistant Certification Evaluation requires students to develop their hands-on skills before moving forward to the Utah Nurse Assisting Registry (UNAR) certification. This final evaluation will help prepare students for the skills that may be evaluated under UNAR guidelines. This preparation will include evaluation on hands-on skills associated with vital signs, beginning and ending procedures, communication, hand-washing, basic safety, moving and positioning, restorative care, hygiene and grooming, nutrition, elimination, infection prevention, and end of life care.
HOHA 2101 Nurse Assistant Clinicals25 Hours
Nurse Assistant Clinicals requires students to complete hands-on clinical training at a long-term care or skilled nursing facility. Training is supervised by state approved clinical instructors.