PHLB 0000 Phlebotomy Orientation0 Hours
Phlebotomist program orientation.
PHLB 1000 Phlebotomy60 Hours
This course will provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to become competent phlebotomists. It will cover the healthcare system, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, body systems, laboratory testing, and pathological conditions. Along with lectures, class time will include performing venipunctures and collecting specimens using standard operating procedures for infection control and safety. Requisitioning, transporting, processing, and quality assurance will also be covered.
PHLB 1105 Phlebotomy Clinical45 Hours
The Phlebotomy clinical experience helps you transition from a student into a professional role by allowing you to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and professional attributes learned in the program while working in a professional setting. This experience takes place under the supervision of a qualified site supervisor and includes skill practice and evaluation.