FIRE 1012 Introduction to Fire Science44 Hours
This course introduces students to the firefighter profession and develops the fundamental concepts and principles necessary to successfully participate in a firefighting team. Emphasis is placed on the team approach to fire attack and the overall career. Students will be required to pass a timed physical agility test and recognize infection control concepts. This course will prepare the student for the interview process and physical demands and requirements of the profession.
FIRE 1023 Hazardous Materials Awareness24 Hours
Students will be able to recognize and identify the presence of hazardous materials and determine basic hazard and response information form placards, labels, container markings, and shipping papers. Course topics include understanding the risks and potential outcomes of a hazardous materials incident, using the DOT Emergency Response Guide, when and how to request additional resources, and the need for an Incident Command System.
FIRE 1024 Hazardous Materials Operations52 Hours
This course is designed to provide the student with the basic skills necessary to safely and effectively manage (in a defensive mode) the initial activities of an emergency involving the uncontrolled release of dangerous chemicals as per NFPA 472. Course includes basic incident management, recognition and identification, PPE, decontamination, and product control techniques.
FIRE 1020 Firefighter I160 Hours
This course introduces students to the basic techniques and science behind firefighting. This will allow students to participate in a firefighting team under simulated firefighting situations, passing off required skills to instructors. Students will be held to high standards and will have to function in class as if in an actual fire department. They will participate in live-fire training, vehicle extrication and other live supervised training. Students will demonstrate proper firefighting techniques including the use of firefighting equipment. Safety will be of the utmost importance and all will be required to practice safe training ground operations.
FIRE 1025 Firefighter II60 Hours
This course allows students to build upon the basic skills learned in Firefighting I. Students will spend most of their time practicing hands-on skills with an emphasis on public safety, rescue and fire suppression. Students will perform vehicle extrications with removal of patients, demonstrate proper use of firefighting equipment and pass off certification objectives.