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NAHA 0000 Nurse Assistant Orientation0 Hours
NAHA 1100 Nurse Assistant90 Hours
Nurse Assistant introduces a holistic approach of safely caring for patients in a variety of healthcare settings. During this course, you will study how healthcare systems operate and your role as part of a healthcare team. You will explore your legal and ethical responsibilities as a nurse assistant, as well as workplace safety, effective communication, basic nursing skills, and basic body structure, function, and diseases. During this course, you will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become a successful nurse assistant. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be eligible to schedule hands-on clinical training in the Nurse Assistant Clinical course.
NAHA 2100 Nurse Assistant Clinicals25 Hours
In this course students are required to complete hands-on clinical training at a college-approved long-term care facility. Training is supervised by state approved clinical instructors.
NAHA 1050 Nurse Assistant Fundamentals30 Hours
Students will learn the basic occupational vocabulary associated with a nursing assistant career. Students will also use and apply a number of study skill methods for practicing, memorizing, and defining proper medical terminology. As part of this goal, students will develop an individual study method that prepares them for reading and preparing for CNA tests and exams.
NAHA 1060 Nurse Assistant Skills Lab I30 Hours
The Nurse Assistant Skills Lab course is designed for students who want additional practice in the lab demonstrating and verbalizing skills.
WKSK 1400 Workplace Success60 Hours

Workplace Success is designed to help students develop essential work habits and attitudes as well as human-relation skills needed to maintain gainful and satisfying employment. Topics include common challenges faced in the workplace, such as presenting yourself professionally, developing a professional work ethic, developing interpersonal skills, navigating office politics successfully, and planning and managing your career.

 Objectives Course

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and set and accomplish personal and career goals
  • Manage time, stress, organization and finances
  • Explain conflict resolution, negotiation, and communication in the workplace
  • Display a strong work ethic and illustrate accountability
  • Perform work within a group effectively and discuss the value of negotiation and compromise
  • Describe the basics of public speaking and presenting a professional demeanor
  • Implement career goals and take active control of professional life
WKSK 1500 Job Seeking Skills30 Hours

Job Seeking Skills explores how to prepare and successfully apply to potential career opportunities. During this course, you will be presented with essential job-seeking skills needed to find gainful employment.

Course Objectives

  • Create a professional resume, cover letter, and reference sheet
  • Utilize online tools successfully to create an e-portfolio
  • Expand and develop networking skills
  • Utilize online resources effectively to find job openings
  • Demonstrate the ability to fill out job applications in a professional manner
  • Perform successfully in a job interview
  • Demonstrate appropriate follow-up procedures