Statement Regarding a Code Black Notification Sent Today

As a part of a staff training exercise on emergency management this morning, Davis Technical College inadvertently activated a Code Black notification through our emergency notification system that broadcasts an alert through multiple channels, and the training became a real-time drill.   

We apologize for the distress and confusion this caused. Davis Tech has already taken actions to help prevent this from happening again. 

A Code Black may be activated if we experience an internal or external threat (active assailant/active shooter). This is a code reserved for an imminent threat of death or serious bodily Injury, and has a specific emergency plan and procedures, including the actions of evacuation, secure in place, and fight if necessary. Davis Tech appreciates the timely response and actions of our staff, faculty, and students, who used their emergency training to ensure safety on our campus. 

Davis Tech is extremely grateful for the timely response of law enforcement, including the Kaysville City Police department, the Utah Highway Patrol and other local law enforcement. Kaysville Police were on site less than two minutes after the activation was sent. We thank them for their actions today and their continued commitment to our safety. 

Davis Tech thanks our community, both internal and external, for their continued efforts to protect our staff and students so we may continue to provide a safe and trusted learning environment.