1 Gather necessary documentation to complete the FAFSA application
  • Tax return and W-2(s)
  • All forms of untaxed income, such as: disability, child support, workers compensation, untaxed pension, etc.
2 Complete your application for federal student aid
  • Go to the FSA ID website
  • Create your FSA ID (username and password)
  • NOTE: Dependent students will also need to have their parent create a FSA ID
3 Complete your FAFSA
  • Complete your FAFSA online
  • Students should enter their FSA ID, parents should enter the student's information when logging in
  • We recommend using the IRS Data Retreival Tool to transfer your tax information from the IRS
  • Davis Tech School Code is 015195
  • You will get a confirmation email from the Department of Education in approximately 3 days
4 If your FAFSA application shows Pell grant eligibility:
  • Within approximately one week of receiving your application, you will receive a welcome email with further instructions.
  • A Davis Tech Student ID is required, so we recommend getting this done as soon as possible.
5 Need help?
  • Contact the Financial Aid office at (801) 593-2195, send us an email, or come see us in person.