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Students enrolled in the Advanced Automotive Technology program will build on skills acquired in the Automotive Technology program. Training will utilize industry standard tools and procedures for automotive service, diagnostics, and maintenance. The program offers a learning environment similar the automotive service industry. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience servicing and practicing their skills on a large variety of vehicles makes and models - both foreign and domestic.

Cost Summary

Program Cost Estimate


Includes: Tuition (@ 600 hours), Fees and Course Materials. Some elective courses may have additional fees and/or materials that are not calculated in this summary.

High School Cost Estimate


Tuition is free for high school students, however there are some fees and materials that they may be responsible for at the beginning or during the program

  • Annual Fee: $40
  • Digital Book Access Fee: $16
  • Scrubs/Uniform: $5
Certificate Processing Fee


Paid upon program completion

Financial Aid

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Advanced Automotive Technology
Classroom Hours

8am - 11am

12pm - 3pm

6pm - 9pm


8am - 11am

12pm - 3pm

6pm - 9pm


8am - 11am

12pm - 3pm

6pm - 9pm


8am - 11am

12pm - 3pm

6pm - 9pm


8am - 11am

12pm - 3pm

Admission Requirements

This program is open to qualified high school and adult students who meet the following program requirements:

  • ADULT STUDENTS: Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Must be at least 16 years of age AND be in 11th or 12th grade
  • Only available AFTER completing Davis Technical College Automotive Technology program or equivalent
  • Hold a current, valid driver's license

Certifications & Credentials

Davis Technical College Credentials

  • Davis Technical College Certificate of Program Completion

Available Licensing/Certifications

Transfer Options

The following academic agreements are available to students in the Advanced Automotive Technology program. In order to receive credit for course work included in these agreements, you must provide a transcript to the receiving institution.

Please be aware that some agreements require you to complete the entire program before they will transfer credit. Please contact your instructor at Davis Tech if you have questions.

This program is eligible to transfer credits towards an AAS degree to the following institutions:

  • Weber State University
  • Utah State University
  • Southern Utah University
  • Utah Valley University
  • Ensign Business College
  • Utah Tech University


Program Faculty

  • FT John Riley – Lead Faculty
  • BS, ASE Master Automobile Technician, ASE Maintenance and Light Repair Technician from Weber State University
  • 801-593-2394
  • FT Matthew Green
  • Diploma
  • FT Tanner Harvey
  • Associate's Degree from Weber State University
  • 801-593-2372
  • PT Charles Gephart
  • Certificate from Davis Technical College
  • PT Jeff Baumgartner
  • Associate Degree from Salt Lake Community College
  • PT Jim Nibley
  • PT LaVon Turnbow
  • PT Mia Bevacqua
  • Bachelor's degree from Weber State University

*NOTE: Textbook and material costs are based on Davis Tech’s bookstore prices at the time of publication and are subject to change. There are no charges associated with personal data collection and processes or verification of student identity.

**High School Students: High school students are exempt from student tuition and fees. While high school students are not required to purchase textbooks, they are required to purchase personal and consumable learning resources and materials.